Wealth for Founders

A personal wealth guide for business owners.

BOOM - why is this not SO MUCH more talked about?

— Kevin Unkrich, Founder of qz.dev

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Do You Crave Independence and Freedom?

Wealth begins with starting a business – and this works for many people. But try searching your favorite startup guru's writings for personal finance investing advice. Good luck finding founder salary advice. What's an appropriate lifestyle for a business owner at your stage? How do you benchmark your net worth? Does your business work for you? Or do you work for your business?

Owning a business represents just part of a system for building wealth. Even a successful business doesn't guarantee a successful founder.

What's Your Goal?

Do you own an income business that returns an increasing income over the long term? Do you hope to sell your business for a large sum? Or are your long term goals unclear?

You can not optimize your outcome without understanding your long-term goals. Knowing your goals is your first step.

How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

Have you fallen into trap of only paying yourself enough to cover your expenses? You'll find it tempting to keep money in the business, or even invest more when every penny fuels revenue growth. But what happens if your industry changes, or the economy has a downturn?

Learn when it makes sense to start diversifying your investments based on your goals.

The Enemies of Wealth

Do you pay too many fees? Are you losing ground to inflation? Do you pay more taxes than you have to?

Many tiny leaks can drain away huge quantities of wealth over the long term. Lucky for you, many of these issues are much easier to fix than you might expect. Learn how to shrink and eliminate some of the biggest wealth vampires.